Super Mega Hyper Mecha Smackdown 2.05

What's all this then?                                                

I've always wanted a game that pitted transforming mecha against one another. Here is my attempt at a convention game based on the Full Thrust space combat rules.

I ran the game for the first time at Ground Zero Games - East Coast Convention and hope to make it a regular feature.

LINKS (I'm experimenting with DivShare to distribute PDFs):
All files are for Revision 2.05
Download the Rules
Download the Playsheet
Print out the specials cards on business card stock
Download the Specials Card Back
Download the Specials Card Front Page 1
Download the Specials Card Front Page 2

Don't forget you'll need Full Thrust from the GZG site, Fleet Book 1 would be handy too!

And here is the current "History" of SMHMS:

In the first half of the twenty-first century, a new type of fighting machine appeared – the variable fighter. The unique feature of the variable fighter is its ability to transform between three different modes; a typical jet fighter, a giant robot form called a Battroid, and a hybrid form called the GERWALK (Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint).


By 2059, variable fighters were beginning to be converted from machines of war to mans most important mission – ENTERTAINMENT!

The year is now 2078, and arenas dedicated to variable fighter combat exist all over the world. The original FIGHTER mode has been dropped, as their high speed and huge turning radius made them impractical for a spectator sport. Now elite teams with large corporate sponsorship deals dominate the sport. Tightly regulated uniform equipment has put the emphasis solely on pilot skill and deep strategy. Closely followed by hundreds of sporting fans across the globe and supported by a cadre of engineers, these robot gladiatorial games have been elevated to a faster level, a huger level, to the level of - Super Mega Hyper Mecha Smackdown!!

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