Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 42


I finished off the Eyetarans, which can be seen here in the last Painting Sprint.

I have gotten the base work done on the Essex army of St.John:

Work has also begun in earnest on the Splintered Light Dwarves:

Sprint #11: Eyetarans


I have been a way a bit on vacation so am a bit behind on my updates. I did manages to finish the Eyetarans!

These were really fun to paint. I tried to mix up the shades of the "fur" and pupil size/color to distinguish among the three identical sculpts. One has a bluish tone, another green, and the third brown. All the "whites" of the eyes are shades of green, one has a red pupil - maybe it's angry?


Monday, August 11, 2014

Field Trip!: Return to JerseyFest (2014 edition)

Last year I did a field trip report on JerseyFest 2013. I enjoyed it so much last year I made sure to attend again.

I was only able to attend on Saturday. So let's run through this year's experience using the same format as last year.

WARNING, photo intensive!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 40

Quite a bit of activity to report this week.

First up, I finished the Blue Moon Pirates I was working on. You can check out the final work here.

I have been also working on Robin Hood's Merry Men. So much green I am going around the bend! Base coating is almost complete; adding brown details now.

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Sprint #10 - Ahoy! Pirates!

Hi there!

Still trying to catch up. This Sprint would have been on July 13th, so I am exactly two Sprints behind.

But I have finally finished the Blue Moon Manufacturing Pirates that I have been working on for seemingly forever.