Saturday, June 7, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 31

Just a quick update this week with a couple of shots taken with the cellphone:


On Droid #3 I did a few more shades of green, painted in the eye lens and frame as well as the "claw" Shield and treads remain to complete.

Monday, June 2, 2014

GZG ECC 17 Part 2 - Saturday Morning

Well at this pace I should have my convention report done just before GZG 18.

Saturday morning I was signed up to play "The Other Side of Justice" by Mark Kinsey (aka Clambo). Originally, I was attracted to the game for two reasons: It's based on the anime "Ghost in the Shell" which I love, and it was going to be played using the Gruntz rules. I had played Gruntz  once - kind of. A friend and I had stumbled through a beta version of the rules and we had both found it not our cup of tea. But it was our only attempt and they were beta rules. Gruntz continued popularity makes me want to try the final published rules.

Mark built a great city table - I thought it captured the GitS feel well

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sprint #7 - Are You My Mummy?

This sprint I finished (19) mummies by Rebel Minis from their Pulp Adventure line.

Why 19 you may ask? I don't know. The blister said 20 and I have no idea if the blister was short one or if I lost one somewhere on the bench (whole armies could be lost in the clutter). Since these will primarily be used in skirmish games, plus or minus one does not concern me much.