Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hold On…While You’re Painting

Hi, long time no see.

I thought to get myself back in the groove, I’d talk a little bit about a recent evolution in my method for holding gaming figures while I paint.

Most of us started painting as wee lads we just held the molded on base. If we were really snazzy, we’d use Blu-Tac to hold it to a bottle cap. As time evolved, I went to the cork base method.

I use this still for my “serious” figures and collector figures over 54mm. Basically, it’s a large cork, cut in half (to be frugal) and glued to a 3” diameter wooden disk I picked up at a craft store. The one on the left has four brads jammed into the side. I use these to hold figures with an integral base by lacing rubber bands across the base.