Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sprint #14: The Stone Circle


While wandering about Fall In! last month, I was browsing the resin terrain available from Recreational Conflict and came upon the Stone Circle Set by Ainsty Castings (set 1511). I knew straight away it would be a perfect set to compliment my Splintered Light fauns

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sprint #13: Lizard Spearmen

Also during November I finished these Lizard Spearmen by Black Raven Foundry.

Click on the pic for a larger view.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sprint #12: Dwarves!

Don't know if I can count this as a "sprint" per se, as they sat for a couple of months waiting to be finished. But now they are done! A couple of weeks ago I put the finishing touches of this batch of Splintered Light 15mm Dwarves, they sat waiting for camera time.

Splintered Light Bear Clan dwarves (dwarfs?)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Fall In! 2014


Where have I been?!?

Sadly a patch of work and some family health issues have kept me away from the gaming, the paint table, and blogging for a few months. Things started to ease in early November which I celebrated by heading down to Fall In! in Lancaster, PA. So let's get right to it!

I arrived at the Host a little after lunch on Friday. I took a quick spin around the vendor floor and then headed over to my first game: Samurais!
Rising Son by Ron Baron

When I arrived at the table, I must confess some trepidation... hexes? I like miniature games to be "free range". If I wanted hexes I'd play a board game. But Ron's simple but subtle rules quickly won me over.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 42


I finished off the Eyetarans, which can be seen here in the last Painting Sprint.

I have gotten the base work done on the Essex army of St.John:

Work has also begun in earnest on the Splintered Light Dwarves:

Sprint #11: Eyetarans


I have been a way a bit on vacation so am a bit behind on my updates. I did manages to finish the Eyetarans!

These were really fun to paint. I tried to mix up the shades of the "fur" and pupil size/color to distinguish among the three identical sculpts. One has a bluish tone, another green, and the third brown. All the "whites" of the eyes are shades of green, one has a red pupil - maybe it's angry?


Monday, August 11, 2014

Field Trip!: Return to JerseyFest (2014 edition)

Last year I did a field trip report on JerseyFest 2013. I enjoyed it so much last year I made sure to attend again.

I was only able to attend on Saturday. So let's run through this year's experience using the same format as last year.

WARNING, photo intensive!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 40

Quite a bit of activity to report this week.

First up, I finished the Blue Moon Pirates I was working on. You can check out the final work here.

I have been also working on Robin Hood's Merry Men. So much green I am going around the bend! Base coating is almost complete; adding brown details now.

8 of 12

Sprint #10 - Ahoy! Pirates!

Hi there!

Still trying to catch up. This Sprint would have been on July 13th, so I am exactly two Sprints behind.

But I have finally finished the Blue Moon Manufacturing Pirates that I have been working on for seemingly forever.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 38

Better late than never!

This week some progress has been made on the Blue Moon Pirates:

Click on it for a larger image
Started to work on the final details: swords, dagger, pistols, and hair. I spent some time thumbing through some picture books on pirates to get my mojo back.

Also got in some work on Robin Hood's crew. All the flesh tones are done and I have started putting in the greens. Perhaps overly influenced by the classic 1938 film with Errol Flynn, my color pallet will be decidedly cinematic. Robin's crew will be in dark greens which get progressively lighter until Robin himself. The inner circle (named characters) will be in mid greens with red details (except for will scarlet all in red).

Here is the state of the "unnamed" thieves in dark green:

Click on photo for larger image

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ready on the Set Mr.DeMille!

So I got tired of the cloth backdrops that came with my light tent. They collect dust, get creases that are hard to remove, and have colors that are like a stick in the eye. I decided to make my own sets. The first one is an arid landscape:

Finished piece first? Kinda kills the suspense...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 37

Just a quick cell phone snapshot today.

Some progress on the Splintered Light Robinhood crew.

They are now primed, a quick color coat on the base, and starting to add in fleshtones.

If your looking for the Sybots from last Paint Table Saturday, they are finished in Sprint #9.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sprint #9 - Sybots!

More catch up! This is making up for the Sprint I should have published on June 29th.

Here are the finished Sybots by Astro Miniatures. The only thing added since Paint Table Saturday 36 is the addition of some Silfor Buffalo Tufts and a coat of clear.

Front of the first five.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sprint #8 - The Droids (long overdue)

My last Sprint post was back on June 1st, so I am way behind my goal of a Sprint Post every two weeks. I will attempt to get back on course!

Here are my finished Droids from

Family portrait
Now for some more views...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 36

Hello All,

Back on track with painting again, so let's get going!

First up I have been working on the robots/cyborgs/not-cylons I had just started last week. I wish I could remember who did these. I'd first thought - no, couldn't find them on their website. Then tried the GZG - no. I'll figure it out before I finish them! (Update: Sybots by Astro Miniatures!)

So here they are all lined up. Dead simple paint job: black base, drybrushed Reaper Blackened Steel with a little black added to it, next layer straight Blackened Steel, finished off with a Blackened Steel/True Silver mix for a highlight.

Ground is a simple brown wash over a white drybrush.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 35(?)

Hello All!

Been bogged down with work, and yard work, and that World Cup thingy.

Finally hit the painting table for the first time in a month. So what do we have?

Old Parker got a bit more shading to the face as well as a base coat on the hair. Started fooling around with shades of grey to find the right tone for his clothing. Started on some spats as well. Sharp looker that Parker!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 31

Just a quick update this week with a couple of shots taken with the cellphone:


On Droid #3 I did a few more shades of green, painted in the eye lens and frame as well as the "claw" Shield and treads remain to complete.

Monday, June 2, 2014

GZG ECC 17 Part 2 - Saturday Morning

Well at this pace I should have my convention report done just before GZG 18.

Saturday morning I was signed up to play "The Other Side of Justice" by Mark Kinsey (aka Clambo). Originally, I was attracted to the game for two reasons: It's based on the anime "Ghost in the Shell" which I love, and it was going to be played using the Gruntz rules. I had played Gruntz  once - kind of. A friend and I had stumbled through a beta version of the rules and we had both found it not our cup of tea. But it was our only attempt and they were beta rules. Gruntz continued popularity makes me want to try the final published rules.

Mark built a great city table - I thought it captured the GitS feel well

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sprint #7 - Are You My Mummy?

This sprint I finished (19) mummies by Rebel Minis from their Pulp Adventure line.

Why 19 you may ask? I don't know. The blister said 20 and I have no idea if the blister was short one or if I lost one somewhere on the bench (whole armies could be lost in the clutter). Since these will primarily be used in skirmish games, plus or minus one does not concern me much.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 30

But it's Paint Table Saturday #1 for me!

So let's see what's on the painting table!


Here are a set of (5) droids by (from their HOF line)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Time To Mix It Up!

I've been following Sofie's Paint Blog for a couple of months now. One of the cool aspects of Sofie's blog is her Paint Table Saturday. Folks share what they are painting on their blog and Sofie compiles a list of links to the blogs. Lot's of variety, lot's of different styles and painting goals, and possibly the coolest logo in blogdom!

I've decided to mix things up a bit and join in the Paint Table Saturday fun. I will post WIPs on Saturdays. Sprints will move from every other Saturday to every other Sunday and will only focus on finished work.

Change is good, right? Let's see how it goes!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Field Trip!: MosquitoCon 23

Back in April I spent the day at MosquitoCon which is the annual show held by the New Jersey Chapter of the IPMS in Wayne,NJ.

Incredible light boat - the detail was amazing

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sprint #6 - Black Hat Steam Tanks

Better late then never I suppose!

Here are a couple of  British Light Steam Hovertanks w/Gatling by Black Hat Miniatures. If I recall correctly, I purchased them from Scale Creep here in the U.S.

The tanks consist of four to five resin cast pieces. I give a range as one kit was slightly different from the other. Both kits have the hull, a smoke stack, the Gatling gun, and the turret. The turret pivots on a large round plug: on one kit the plug was part of the turret, on another it was a separate piece that has to be glued to the underside of the turret. I can think of no reason for the difference, but there it is.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sprint #5 - Evil Hooded Minions by Pulp Figures

Hi All!

Another odd two weeks - mostly plagued by allergies. Sooo groggy it was hard to paint. I did manage to finish the five Evil Hooded Minions by Pulp Figures I was working on last Sprint.

3 of 5
Very odd to be working on 28mm figures after such a long absence.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Grand Day Out with the Fleet

By a lucky twist of fate, krimso had the same week off from work that I did. We got together and decided to take our recent Aeronef efforts out for a spin.

Argentina teaches Britain to tango

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sprint #4 - Chaos

Well, this was an interesting Sprint. Sorry I'm a little late in posting, the Easter Holidays occupied the weekend. I was able to finish this Dark Dwarf from Splintered Light -

Splintered Light Dark Dwarf Chaos Cultist Leader
This fine gentlemen is approximately 12mm tall from bottom of foot to top of head, maybe 14mm with the helmet. It's hard to tell from the picture, but he's painted in several shades of red. His skull mask is done with the Reaper bone triad...

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sprint #3 - British Aeronefs

Just a quicky this time, pretty busy tomorrow so I can't post. Completed 7 British Aeronefs by Brigade Models. Broke two stands so I will have to wait for an order I placed to arrive. Sorry about the less than stellar photos - will reshoot as time permits.

(3) Cossack Class 'nefs and a Steadfast Class

Rawalpindi, Osprey, and an Exeter
This brings the Sprint total to 24 figures in the last six week. Still no purchases since the beginning of the year. krimso is placing an order to Pulp Figures which I will join him in, so this will be my last time at zero. It was never my intention to stop buying lead, it was just nice to make some traction on the mountain for a change!

What's next?


Friday, March 28, 2014

Blue Moon Orion Republic Heavy infantry – A Deep Dive

I promised in Sprint #2 I would go into more detail about my thoughts on Blue Moon’s Orion Republic figures. This is a sort of review, sort of sharing of dashed plans. This is my first in depth on a figure line, so feedback to improve would be appreciated. Now the mandatory “sweet pic” before the break –

From left to right: Original Alternate Armies Space Knights, Spug by Spriggan, Orion Heavy, original GZG NAC

Sunday, March 23, 2014

GZG ECC 17 Part 1 – Friday

Why yes, we have once again partaken of that most joyous of times, the GZG-ECC. This year was number 17 and my 12th.

Despite krimso and I got getting a late start, we still made it to Owego just before 6. We checked in to the motel and then stopped down at the Con room to say “hi” to the usual suspects. A group of 8 was quickly pulled together for a dash to Las Chicas Taqueria for Mexican food. Las Chicas has become a GZG tradition for krimso and I, and this year it was just as good as I remembered.  Had the chicken chimichangas, a side of Spanish rice, and a Mexican coke. Yum! Hope the first timers that were with us enjoyed it as much as I.

Los Chicos at Las Chicas

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sprint #2 - Blue Moon Orion Republic Infantry

OK, Made it in time! Just a quick write up. This sprint's choice was Blue Moon's Orion Republic Heavy Infantry. I had originally planned to lavish a lot of love on these, but as a started working with them I lost my enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong, they are still nice figures and I like them, but I no longer love them. So the elaborate paint job went out the window though there are still four shade of blue used - hard to tell I know.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fantasy Mushrooms

I didn’t do much painting last year, but it wasn’t zero. I had been playing a fantasy campaign with krimso using the Ares rule set. I wanted to add some more fantasy scenics to my collection so I picked up these pieces from Acheson Creations while at Historicon 2013.

First up are the Meadow mushrooms, these come two identical mushrooms to a pack, each mushroom is two pieces – a base with stem and the cap.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sprint #1 - GZG Mercs

OK! Just made it under the wire finishing these GZG Mercs last night.

As mentioned last post, krimso and I are challenging ourselves to finish something every two weeks. I know for some of you this is no big deal. A friend of mine is able to paint at work (don't ask) and is able to complete 300 or more figures a year. My envy knows no bounds!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Journey Fraught with Peril

The trip to and from the GZG-ECC is always full of danger.

Not usually physical danger though we have had more than our share of missed exits and overshot destinations.

krimso and I talk – a lot.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hold On…While You’re Painting

Hi, long time no see.

I thought to get myself back in the groove, I’d talk a little bit about a recent evolution in my method for holding gaming figures while I paint.

Most of us started painting as wee lads we just held the molded on base. If we were really snazzy, we’d use Blu-Tac to hold it to a bottle cap. As time evolved, I went to the cork base method.

I use this still for my “serious” figures and collector figures over 54mm. Basically, it’s a large cork, cut in half (to be frugal) and glued to a 3” diameter wooden disk I picked up at a craft store. The one on the left has four brads jammed into the side. I use these to hold figures with an integral base by lacing rubber bands across the base.