Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Post-Sandy – Out of the Ashes.. Err, Mud…Whatever!

Yeah, I know the pic is a lame, overused joke – but I still like it!

OK, life post-hurricane Sandy is, for us, almost back to normal. We dealt with 12 days and 16 hours without power, 13 and a half without phone, internet, and cable tv. No damage to the house either due to falling trees and no flood damage as we hand bailed out the sump pump pit every few hours. Many were far less fortunate. Please join me in donating to the American Red Cross to aid them. LINK My workplace matches donations - please check if yours does the same.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sandy continues to give...

Well, here we are at day 11 without power. Way to go JCP&L. Are people waking up to the fact that deregulation is not a panacea for all things? Especially utilities. Proper maintenance is not done when a company is squeezing out the last dollar. And that's ok except when it's a monopoly like utilities. So yes, I could pay my bill to another company, but they all use the same lines and they are maintained by JCP&L.

Just to keep everyone up to date, here is a shot of the progress on my painting bench:

And this is a peak at figs I have recently completed:

This is so friggin' depressing. So much added stress and ZERO stress relief. At least I can access the internet at work.