Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hey Babe, Take a walk on the wild side...

So this weekend I was given a free ticket to the New York Comicon held at the Javits Center. I have been an avid comic collector at several points in my life, but now I just pick up the occasional issue. The last comic convention I was at was probably at the Javits about 20 years ago. Back then it occupied one small gallery on the lowest floor. My, Oh My, things have changed!

My first clue was when I was walking from the PATH station to the Javits. I'm 4.5 long, Manhattan blocks away. And I notice to my left I'm walking with Thor.

Yeah, that's different. And wait, that guy has a superman cape peeking out of his backpack...

Sunday, October 7, 2012


After giving an overview of the Blue Moon Transylvania and talking about the level of resin dust, I decided I should really get off my duff, clean them up, and give them a coat of primer. Thus the last week or so has become a somewhat manic period - 25 pieces cleaned and primed. Every night consists of a round of priming parts washed the night before, selecting another set of parts to clean, wash, and leave out to dry, followed by slipping the primed parts over and coating there reverse side. if I am in a very productive mood I could get two rounds done a day (Krylon Indoor/Outdoor primer dries very fast).

A stack of primed sub-assemblies