Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gettin' My Fur Pants On!

While playing a game of Ares with Krimso, I bemoaned the lack of variety. Whenever we have played 15mm fantasy, we have used his figures and we tend to use all of them. Krimso rightly told me that I could paint the 15mm fantasy I had kicking around if I wanted variety. 

I hate it when Krimso's right.

When I was at Historicon, I decided to add to the (unpainted) fauns I bought from Splintered Light a couple years ago. That's right - nothing get's unfinished lead done like more unfinished lead! Splintered Light had announced some new archer, heavy infantry, and shaman fawns. 

So far I have cleaned up and based one pack of archers and half a pack of heavy infantry. They are ready for priming!

There are two poses in each pack of 12 figures.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

More Mecha Smackdown

Thought this week I would talk a little about the playing field. This is a the first pass:

The board is made up of four 2'x2' black foamcore panels. Artwork was created on a computer and printed out on 8.5"x11" full sheet labels. Additional labels were made for the circles witht he numbers (these are the starting positions for the mecha. This entire board will eventually be replaced with one of fiberboard and painted to match the barriers.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chipping Away

This week did a little bit more work on Blue Moon SF Building 1. I felt that the rust spots done completely with the powder, though nice, still needed a little more. I used two shades of brown ink, thinned downed, to make some water stains and to break up some of the dusty blotches.

I also fixed the resin bubble in the door canopy with a little bit of epoxy putty and a quick dab of paint. Below is a shot of some water drips making the rust blotchier:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gettin' Dirty

It has been a pretty busy week, what with the U.S. holiday and all, but I have moved the Blue Moon building a little but forward. Alsoo Photobucket was having re-sizing issues and wouldn't let me upload. Today's photos are straight into Blogger, so no click to enlarge this week - sorry!

Using some weathering powder from Branden Enterprises. I did A little bit of weathering.

I've used three different brown shades to provide some variety.

I also switched the roof edging from black to shades of grey. Next I'll seal the powder with some Dullcoat and then spray on a coat of dust. Might also go back in with some brown washed to break up the rust tones a little.

I'm also considering making a completely new radio dish. As mentioned last week, I want to make a new mast, but the more I look at the dish provided, the more it looks too thick and heavy. Looks more like a flight base than a radio dish of the future.

Also in my puttering I finished a second Exemplar Cinerator.

These things have been giving me fits. I have been painting these for so long I do not remember when I started. I have to admit I am not that thrilled with Privateer Press's plastic. I find it very hard to clean mold lines. It's not so bad on a Warjack, but when you get into highly detailed figures like the Cinerators, I keep finding mold lines were I was sure I cleaned. I also feel that the longer I paint these the worse they get. The remaining three are almost done, but they have been in that state since New Years.

That's it for this week. Time to start prep for Historicon!