Monday, May 21, 2012

MFCA 2012

MFCA – The Miniature Figure Collector’s of America – held their 71st show on May 18th and 19th. It’s billed as the oldest and largest show of its kind. I have not been to the MFCA show since around 2006 but made the trip this year in an attempt to get my painting mojo back. I haven’t painted a non-gaming figure in years, and I feel like even my gaming figure painting skill has stalled. So with hope in my heart I pilgrimage was made, and I found a show changed in many ways, and perhaps due for some bigger changes in the future.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

GZG-ECC 15, Part.3

Part.3 …. and also Part-The-Last. You can all breathe a sigh of relief now.

So, here are a couple other games from Saturday night. Stuart Murray expanded the city from Friday night’s “Battle for Lancaster” game for use in “Exterminate! Exterminate!”, a bit of Who-vian splendor using Stargrunt. I was tempted to cancel my own game so I could play. Got to love the Doctor!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GZG-ECC 15, Part.2

Nnnnnnuts! I had this entry done Saturday, but I had foolishly written it directly into blogger. One random motion and it was wiped. So Part.2, Take 2.

Saturday morning I played “D8 Galactic Derelict”. It was a Space Hulk-ish kind of scenario using the D8 System by Bad Idea Games. The D8 system was created for their Fantasy WW1 game “Arses High, Orcs in the Sky” (AH for now). It utilizes some custom D8s that have Lite, Medium, and Heavy on them. Different characters types accept different results from the dice. If I recall correctly, there was an opposed die roll. Anyway, I had wanted to play AH, but I had promised another GM to play his game which was in the same slot. I thought I would give “D8 Galactic Derelict” a try to see what the mechanics were like. I’m glad I did. The mechanics are fairly simple but had after a few turns you start to see strategy options that made the game a lot of fun.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GZG-ECC 15, Part.1

Well, sure it's two months after the fact, but it's still more timely than my reportage last year!

Once again, if you are missed this convention, you are missing the best three days of SF gaming. Fun games, great people, and mellow.

This year we were blessed by unseasonably good weather so the drive up was quick and painless. What did take me by surprise was the hotel was under reconstruction. The hotel sits along the banks of the mighty Susquehanna river, and apparently the huge snowstorm that hit the east coast in October of 2011 resulted in the first floor of the hotel being flooded. All of the rooms on the first floor were closed for remodeling - the place was gutted. Our room on the second floor was fine though, and the restaurant had been restored, so other than the somewhat spooky walk through the first floor hallway to get to the lobby, everything was copacetic.

So let's jump to what it's all about, the games! This year was an experiment: non-GZG games were permitted with convention director approval. This was an excellent addition which not only provides greater variety, but will hopefully attract more folks to the con. My first game was a non-GZG game; a neat 4 player game using Ambush Alley rules with touches taken from Tomorrow's War. It was called Battle for Lancaster by Stuart Murray. (All these pics should enlarge by clicking)