Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vines - Part 2

For my second foray into vine making, I used another model that had been sitting around unpainted since time immemorial; a bridge that, if I remember correctly, was by Gallia USA bought just before they went out of business. Probably in the mid 90s. Here is the bridge painted up. Nothing fancy mind you, just a base coat and a couple shades of dry brush. I think I may have textured the road surface to be more road-surface-like.

To make the vines, here is some copper wire I bought at Home Depot (DIY store).

I cut the wire into lengths a couple inches long, twisted some of the strands into separate branches, and primered them white.

I gave them a light wash of brown craft paint and glued them to the bridge.

Attached at various point is a combination of Woodland Scenics clump foliage. Here is a final shot.

I’m pretty happy with the results of this second attempt. I think it works well for 28mm, I’ll have to try some experiments for 15mm. I have a 15mm bridge on the “to-do stack”.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey Blue Moon! Show us your backsides!

I recently picked up several of the new 15mm SF buildings from Blue Moon Manufacturing and here are my thoughts:
One of the things that I think Brigade Models does right is they usual show their vehicles from several views and provide overall dimensions so you get a sense of size. I wish, oh I wish other manufacturers would do the same – especially for the SF and fantasy genres where there is no basis of knowing. Are you listening Blue Moon?
With that said, here is what Blue Moon has not told/show you about three of their SF buildings.
These buildings where each supplied in a heavy poly bad with a card attached at the top. The contrasts significantly from the Transylvania buildings I had purchased which came wrapped in newspaper in a corrugated cardboard box. I feel the Transylvania method of packaging better protected the parts, but as nothing was damaged, I really have nothing to complain about. I can see how the clear bag would help sales in a store or game show environment.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've been WAMPed

About a year ago I stumbled on to a website called WAMP. It is a site dedicated to improving your painting skills and yet still remain a friendly place. Not sure exactly sure what WAMP stands for, probably Wild About Miniature Painitng or some such. If I recall correctly, I first had read about it on TMP.

WAMP features forum, galleries, and usually several low key contests. Painters run the gamut of skill levels and interests. So far I have found everyone to be very friendly, offering advice and insight. I've been trying to up my participation in the site as part of my effort to improve my painting skills. I recently was part of a "Ladder Challenge" which is where you go mano-a-mano against another WAMPer, usually over an agreed on theme. I found this an interesting challenge and it pushed me to try to paint in different ways.

Win or lose, I have to say it was a lot of fun and pushed my painting skills. Here was my entry: Thyra, a Menoth warcaster.

I am looking forward to my next Ladder challenge on WAMP. If your interested in figure painting, I highly recommend you check out WAMP!

Vines - Part 1

Here is my first experiment with vines. 

Many, many years ago I bought this tower, which I believe was by Epicast. It is made in a rigid, foam resin. At the time, I only partially painted it. Recently I pulled it out of storage thinking I could use it with Warmachine and rather than finish painting, I decided it needed a completely new paint job. While I was generally happy to have the tower completed and happier with the improved paint job, it still seemed to lack a little something.

I hit on the idea to add some vines. I decided to try using ground foam turf. I mixed a variety of Woodland Scenics colors together and glued it to the side. While I think it improved the tower it was still a little “meh”. It looks more like moss rather than vines.

Now I had the bug and wanted to play more with vines. Coming in Part 2: The Bridge.