Wednesday, August 3, 2011


OK, so I haven't blogged innnn... a while. Like over a year. We'll get to that another time. But right now I'd like to say It's ok to stop blogging, but NEVER stop painting. Because when you come back after a long break, you just SUCK! It's so disheartening.

I stopped painting around the time I stopped blogging except for a brief stint in the fall, which may well be my painting pinancle. The last figures I did were for Malifaux. Sonnia Criid's crew. Here's Sonnia:
I haven't quite adapted to my new camera yet, the picture doesn't do the figure justice, but it captured everything I had been striving for: subtle shading achieved through build up of multiple thin layers. A scratch built base. Sweet!

Here's one of her crew, Samael Hopkins:

I am especially proud of the bases:

So I know! These are not Golden Demon award winners. They will not be praised and marvelled upon on CMON, but they were a personal best, a manifestation of real progress.

And then I stopped painting for six months. Train wreck. Painting is not like riding a bicycle, at least for me. It's like I had to remember which end of the paintbrush to use. I would not have believed skills would be lost so quickly! I've been back at it about 2 months, painfully trying to recapture that moment. The first few week were so frustrating I seriously thought about just getting rid of everything.

But  I'm back now. I can sit at the painting table and enjoy it again. And I am going to try to get back to blogging. I have a backlog of articles I worked on before my "painting recession" that I'll get up, share the trials and tribulations that lead to the pause in publishing, as well as photos from GZG-ECC and Historicon.

Thanks for stopping by,