Monday, May 31, 2010

Menoth reporting for duty!

I hammered like crazy the last week but I finished my first battlegroup to lay Warmachine! Years in the making, now I can actually play! Most are from the boxed set: Kreoss as warcaster...

A Revenger...

And a Repenter...

And just finshed, a plastic Vanquisher...

Here's a Family portrait, everybody stand up straight...

Now not only can I play Warmachine, but I have finished the first project of the Lead Covenant. I'll post Covenant progress and The Pledge totals for May tomorrow.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Mill

Just a quick post for something I finished earlier in the month, the 15mm Prussian Mill from JR Miniatures.

It was a quick job. I used it to experiment with the Devlan Mud wash by GW that everyone is always raving about on YouTube. It's pretty good. I think I will match it to a craft paint color and make a batch of my own wash in  a similar color. GW washes are just too expensive for what you get.

This last week I have been hammering hard on getting a basic battle group for Warmachine completed. I've just got the metal trim to go on the heavy jack and have to mount the light jack on to a base. I feel pressured to get them done this month so I can do something about my Pledge totals for May. My order of 15mm vehicles arrived from Brigade Models and I picked up some Warmachine wrecked jack markers while I was travelling on business. This is going to be my second month in a row losing ground on the Pledge, but I am doing my best to minimize that lost ground. A lot of time has been spent on Startown, which is impacting my totals for the month (that and a week of business travel). Hopefully the Startown work will translate into better totals for June! I have to make some headway as the dread Historicon approaches, which will drive July Pledge totals into serious negative numbers.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Startown Part 2

Back to Startown, I like my buildings to blend well into their bases. I’ve used plaster, epoxy putty, and spackle. This time I thought I’d try something new. At my local building store, I picked up a tub of Elmer’s Wood Filler. A Popsicle stick was used to trowel the filler in place. It went in very easily and any extra splatter on the building shaved off easily with an Xacto knife once the filler had dried.

The wood filler also had the advantage of being very carveable. Once dry, it was only a few minutes work to get everything smooth by scraping the surface with the back of an Xacto blade. One bit of warning: the side of the tub warns about the fumes being an eye irritant. They are not kidding! Work in a well ventilated area!

I decided to install rare earth magnets to hold the antennae masts and roofs in place. When I looked at the samples at the Battle Works Studio table the masts were always falling over and the roofs were always shifting.

Here is a shot with the roofs and masts in place. I also added sand to the base at this point.

This is an interim photo. Everything has been primed flat black, the ground work has been colored with several layers of drybrushing. The antennae have been sprayed with an old can of Pactra Platinum (I’ve been building models a looong time).

And here is the last shot for this post with the building given a clean black basing.

‘Till next time!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love at first sight

I remember it just like it was last February. We were both at GZG-ECC13. It was Saturday morning and I think I was playing a 6mm Dirtside game. I turned to look over at one of the vendor tables and there she was... spread out seductively on the Battle Works Studios table... and I said "You will be mine! Oh, yes, you will be mine!"
Look at those lines! Baby, this was some 15mm SF terrain I could go for in a big way! I went for the Battle Works intro deal of all five buildings for $69. I haven't quite figured out what the deal is online. While I bought them from Battle Works, I see can't find Startown on their website. I do find them on the website of If your interested in getting them, try asking at one of theses two sites.

Here is my odyssey to get them to the gaming table.

First I decided to mount them on birch ply bases. I didn't care for the sloped earth around the walls and the open floors. I traced the outline for each building onto some 1/8th inch birch ply from the local Michaels craft store (can't let those 40% coupons in the Sunday paper go to waste). I them used my ancient dremel jigsaw to cut out bean shaped bases.
I then took my battery powered Craftsman tool with a sanding drum and beveled the edges. I did this outside over a garbage can to keep down the dust in the basement.
Next the bases were sealed with some Delta wood sealer. I've found that if you coat just one side of ply this thin it will warp, so I hold the bases upright with spring clips and uniformly seal half of each side. After the sealer has dried, the clips get rotated and the other half of both sides get coated.
The buildings were then glued to the bases with 5 minute epoxy.
Next time I'll continue with the ground work and integrating the buildings into the base.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bugs, Mr.Rico! Thousands of Bugs!

Well, actually ten.

And they're ants. And they are not so threatening; as in 15mm they are little better than chihuahua size. But they are fun little fellows by Khurasan.

Also finished are some Japanese pieces by Amorcast that have been in my "to do" bin forever.

I've also been making a lot of progress on my Warmachine Menoth figures and the Startown slum buildings, which I will blog about in detail in a few days. They are a lot of fun and have given me ideas to extend the five buildings into a full fledged project with dedicated vehicles and figures.

So how does this leave the month of April for me. Ten 15mm bugs and four pieces of scenery painted. I only bought one piece of scenery (a 15mm Paddle House from the JR Miniatures prussian line), the new Menoth plastic heavy jack kit by Privateer Press, and the new Menoth warcaster Vice Scrutator Vindictus. So I made 11 head way in April, but still have bought more than I painted for the year. A scarey thought with Historicon in the not too distant future.

I also managed to mount and clean 16 NAC 15mm, take 12 cleaned and get them primed. Sadly, no NAC got finished in April.

This leaves my totals as: