Sunday, August 9, 2015

What's on My Painting Table August 8, 2015

Hey! Finished painting the Ancient Briton Light cavalry. Managed to get them glued to the bases and have started terrain work.

In the photos on the Baccus website I saw that they only put three light cavalry per stand. This allowed me an opportunity to use bigger boulders than I used on the foot troops. The "large boulders" are  Woodland Scenics Medium Talus.

The figures are still glossy from the Coat d'Arms shader, but that will tone down when given a final coat of Dullcoat. Some of the sculpting makes me suspect they should be shirtless, but I descided to stick with the same colors as the foot troops. Perhaps if I add some more light cavalry they will be a bit more brazen!

I also got a basecoat on eight of the 1/1200 Quinqueremes.

It's just a quick "sketch" of a paint job while I figure things out. I would like multiple wood shades but not go overboard (was that some sort of pun?). For the deck I used Tamiya Deck Tan, The hull is Model Master Acrylic Wood, and the oars are DeltaCeramcoat Trail Tan.

Despite several attempts, I can't get this photo upright!

I will try and stick with just these three colors,, leaving a final wash to tie them together. The sails have just been given a quick white wash so far. Detail on the sails to follow.

That's it for now.



  1. Briton Light cavalry and boulders are really nice, and I love your Quinqueremes, impressive!