Saturday, August 15, 2015

What's on My Painting Table August 15, 2015

Finished stuff! That's what's on my table!

Four stands of Baccus Ancient Briton Light Cavalry
Yeah, Baby!

I learned a few more things this round.

I added more paint to the Liquitex Stucco that I used as a base material. I liked the richer tone this created, but it also resulted in the Stucco shrinking more than it had previously.

To cover some of the shrinkage, I used more static grass. Larger areas of grass made it clear that, while I was using two tones of static grass, in large patches it still looked very monotone. I now dry brush some patches of DeltaCeramcoat Sandstone. It's subtle, but it does break things up.

This brings the Ancient Briton complete list to 10 stands. I'm catching up krimso!

Roughly half done. I think I will do advancing/light infantry next. I still find the chariot assembly a bit daunting.

Also put in some work on the Roman quinqueremes. Working on some of the details now. Hoping by next week I will be ready to add the corvus.

Hmmm, Those lines on the sails looked much straighter with the naked eye....



  1. You have caught up to me! I am at 10 stands of Romans complete!!!! Looking good brotha!

  2. Shocked to have caught up! Not likely to maintain that though....