Saturday, July 11, 2015

What's on my Painting Table July 11,2015

For this week, something done!

GZG NAC based
The six stands of GZG NAC that I plan to use for Hammer's Slammers are done. This was a norrowly missed disaster. I had originally thought to have them in tan static grass to look like an arid field. They just did not look right.

Here is the failed attempt:

I sent a txt to krimso and he suggested the ground cover needed more color. He uses a mix of fine gound foam cover. I looked through the cupboard and found a few shades of ground foam and a "lawn mix" which was foam and static grass. Fortunately wetting with a drop of water loosened the static grass that I could remove it with a paint brush. I mixed the various foams together and this was the result. I also pulled out some large dark green bits out of a meadow mix to act as shrubs. MUCH happier!

Also plugging away on the second set of Baccus Ancient Britons. Putting the odd metal details in place. Just about ready for the Coat D'Arms shader. I really should get on with basing these!

And last up are some totems from Windsword. I mounted them to large washers and build up the base with epoxy, then added some sand.

I experimented with punching up the deep shadows with some Coat D'Arms Black Shader. I think it helped bring out the character without overwhelming them by coating the entire figures in shader.

That's all for now!

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