Sunday, June 14, 2015

What's on My Paint Table June 14, 2015

Made some nice progress this week despite "life" itervening.

Have got the clothing on 18 more strips of Ancient Britons (Baccus).

I only show you their backsides as you can't see much behing their primered shields.

Finished the 24 GZG NAC to be used as Hammer's Slammers and have started to base them up.

The bases are 1" x 1" bases that I made from scrape galvanized steel back when our office had a model shop with a kick shear. I've thickened them up a bit by gluing styrene - easier to pick up with my short and stubbies. So far I have only glued on 3 per base (supposed to be four per The Crucible rules) as I can't decide if they should be all grunts or include a squad weapon.

And lastly, something finished. Not a word I get to use often! Here is the T-Rex Head (small) by Windsword.

And that's it for this week. A real quicky. Not even worth a "jump break"!


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  1. Beautiful ANcient Britons and I love the last vignette, great job on it!