Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Impromptu Game Night!

I had split an order from GZG with Krimso (we're both diving into 6mm Slammers) and this evening he came by to pick up his share of the order, He brought along a four pack of some lovely Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer, SWMBO was out for the night, so we decided to play one of the games he brought along. For this evenings outing we played "Battle Line" a game by GMT and created to Reiner Knizia.

This may become Krimso's ID picture on my cell phone

I had never heard of Battler Line, though Krimso says he plays it often with his son Chris. Battle Line is a card game with an ancient battle motif.

There are two type of cards: troop cards of six different colors numbered one to 10, and strategy cards that can be wild cards, steal other cards, etc.

Nine tokens are put in a line, this is the battle line. Each player is dealt 7 troop cards., Each player in turn plays a card and then draws a card to be back to the seven total. The dran card can either be a strategy card or another troop card. Troop cards are played in fron of each token until both sides have a "formation" of three cards. Formations have an established hierachy that determines who wins the token which then gets placed behind the winning hand. Win three token that are side by side, or five tokens in total and you win the game.

While the ancients veneer is thin, it did summon up visions of clashing chariots and hop;lites for me. The game offered tough choices at every turn, and there were many opportunities where dismal failure one turn lead to the possibility of victory the next.

We got to play three games, of which I won two! Don't mistake me: I attribute the wins to nothing more than dumb luck. But it it was a lot of fun, even when I was losing.

If you have a chance, I heartily recommend checking out Battle Line by GMT.


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