Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sprint #15: Blue Moon Cardinal's Guard

Hi All,
My last completed figures from 2014 are these Cardinal's Guard from Blue Moon's Musketeer line.

I am very happy with these, despite the saga completing them took!

I started a packet of these (14 in all) ages ago, I think well before I started these Sprints back in March of 2014.

I tried to experiment with the pre-shading techniques where you prime black followed be a spray of white from above and finished with thinner paints so the pre-shading shows through. This did not go well - this is not to say there is anything wrong with the technique but entirely my exectution.

Here is a view that illustrates the issues:

The two figures on the right are from the original batch of 14 that I have not completed. First off, the white spray paint came out all pebbly. If you click on the above image to get the larger view, you can see that the right-most guy's hat now looks like some kind of 70's fur pimp hat.
Historical accuracy aside, the hat band is beyond my painting skills in this scale.
This faux fur pops up in places all over the figures. Look at the right glove of the same figure. Yoiks.

But I pig-headedly decided to continue.

I started applying thin coats of various shades of red. I then noticed that the red was not drying to an even coat. It was getting a nice crackle finish, looking like some exotic dry lake bed (this was too fine to show up in the photos), I also noticed that I had missed cleaning up several seams on some of the figures. Harrumph!

At this point I decided to shelve the figures and walk away for a while.

December rolls around and I am trying to get back into painting. I decide to finish of some projects that had been lying about. So I take 5 of the guard and give it another go.

I lightly sanded the pebbly paint texture and followed it with an unduluted coat of paint. This seemed to fill in any remaining "stubble". I also used full strength paint to try and smooth out some of the missed seems. I just didn't have it in me to strip the figures and start from scratch. They are, after all, Cardinal's Guards - flunky extras in the Musketeer saga.

All paints are from the Reaper Master Series.The phot did not pick up the red shading too well but there are several tones to it. One thing I do note is that I should go back on a few of the figures and add suggestions of eyes. When painting it looks like the eyes would be lost in the shadow coming from the hat brim, In the photos it's especially noticable on Mr. Black Mustache. I'll add eyes to these when I take a run at the next 5 Guard. 

Now that the paint job is straightened out, I am quite happy with these figures. I think Blue Moon did a good job with the sculpting: simple, easy to paint, and good proportions.

This brings my 2014 painting total to 120, which I am quite happy with. It's probably a personal best even though I did not paint the first two months of the year.

Here's hoping I can surpass this in 2015!

And with that, a belated "Happy New year!" to you all!


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