Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sprint #14: The Stone Circle


While wandering about Fall In! last month, I was browsing the resin terrain available from Recreational Conflict and came upon the Stone Circle Set by Ainsty Castings (set 1511). I knew straight away it would be a perfect set to compliment my Splintered Light fauns

The set consists of 9 pieces: 8 standing stones and a horzontal stone (alter? sacrificial slab? buffet?).

The above picture shows the shortest standing stone (about 45 mm) and the tallest (about 75 mm). Due to their height and lens parallax, they appear a bit taller next to the 1 cm graph paper. Below are pictures of the other 6 standing stones.

Starting with a black primer, four successive layers of grey were added. All the paints used were craft paints from Delta Ceramcoat. The shades of gray were based on Charcoal. Black and an off white were used to create the differenct shades. A dab of Dark Burnt Umber was used in all mixes to make the greys a little less stark. I think most stone formations have a light coating of dirt on them so cold, dead greys look off to me. 

The earth surrounding the stones was given a coat of Autumn Brown, flocked with static grass, with the occasional tuft from Silflor added to prevent the golf course look.

I am very pleased with the set. They were fun and quick to paint. I think they work extremely well with 15mm fantasy, though as it's an Ainsty product I assume it was intended for 28mm.

The set was $17 from Recreational Conflicts, listed at £10 on Aintsy's site.


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