Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sprint #12: Dwarves!

Don't know if I can count this as a "sprint" per se, as they sat for a couple of months waiting to be finished. But now they are done! A couple of weeks ago I put the finishing touches of this batch of Splintered Light 15mm Dwarves, they sat waiting for camera time.

Splintered Light Bear Clan dwarves (dwarfs?)

I tried to play with my painting style a little bit. I have never been much of a fan of black lining - scratch that - I could never bring myself to do black lining. I was raised painting 54mm and larger figures where black lining just wasn't done. With the dwarves, primed black, I let the primer peek through for black lining effect.

And I liked it! It helped the paint job pop a little more on these little guys.

As usual, clicking the photos should bring up larger versions.

Of note, this Sprint breaks the 100 figure mark! I have finished 102 figures since the end of February, and that's with a few months of not painting. This is a personal best!