Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sprint #11: Eyetarans


I have been a way a bit on vacation so am a bit behind on my updates. I did manages to finish the Eyetarans!

These were really fun to paint. I tried to mix up the shades of the "fur" and pupil size/color to distinguish among the three identical sculpts. One has a bluish tone, another green, and the third brown. All the "whites" of the eyes are shades of green, one has a red pupil - maybe it's angry?



  1. Oh my! These are my sculpts :) thank you for buying these furry aliens. Love the paintjob ;)

    1. Welcome! Glad you like the paint job, I certainly enjoy the figures! Your comment lead me to one of your sites "Fjodin's Workshop" - seems I have several of your sculpts in the painting queue. Great work!