Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 42


I finished off the Eyetarans, which can be seen here in the last Painting Sprint.

I have gotten the base work done on the Essex army of St.John:

Work has also begun in earnest on the Splintered Light Dwarves:

I am really feeling the benefits of working on smaller batches. I am more patient and do a better paint job. Base work is roughted in, eyes and fleshtones, armor with Reaper Blackened Steel washed with Coat d'Arms black shader, and a variety of blues. The black shader was a recent purchase (actually picked up all the Coat d'Arms shaders) in anticipation of a new project - 6mm Ancient Britons from Baccus! I figured some form of shader will be a must for 6mm and experimenting on the armor here seemed like a good place to start.

I also used the brown shader on the Lizardmen loincloths, one of the many details I added to the Lizardmen spearmen. There are only one or two details left and then final clean up.

I also experimented with the spear shafts. I base coated them with Reaper Intense Brown. I added little squigles with Raper Blonde Hair and then gave the hole thing a coat with a mixture of Renaissance Brown Ink with Future Floor Polish. This added a slight sense of grain to the wood. If I had it to do over again I would seal with Testors Dullcoat first: the ink mix softened the squigles.

Last up is the Lizardmen swordsmen. Roughed in the base work, did the loincloths, and base coated the shields.

That's all for now, latah!

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