Sunday, August 10, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 40

Quite a bit of activity to report this week.

First up, I finished the Blue Moon Pirates I was working on. You can check out the final work here.

I have been also working on Robin Hood's Merry Men. So much green I am going around the bend! Base coating is almost complete; adding brown details now.

8 of 12

To relieve the tedium of painting green, I have been alternating painting with prepping figures. First are some Lizardmen figures by Black Raven Foundry (part of Old Glory 15s). I'd started painting four spear men last summer which I never completed. I've just finished preparing five with swords.

Here's a slightly closer view:

Hmmm, I paint these green too. Well prepping them relieved the tedium of painting green...

These are very large Lizardmen for 15mm, almost as large as first generation plastic 28mm Skinks by GW. Maybe later I can dig a Skink up for comparison. The sculpts are perhaps a tad dated by today's standards but I still think they have a certain charm. I bought these over 15 years ago and they were far from new sculpts then.

Next up in prep are some Eyetarans by (SHM23). These are intended to be some more alien dwellers in my Startown.

A mere three Eyetarans
These were amazingly clean casts. I had to work really hard to even find a seam, and they should paint up quickly once I find enough reference material.

And the prepping madness continues with 18 dwarves by Splintered Light.

Sample: 4 of 18
And 12 Essex figures from a DBA army of St.John I picked up for relatively cheap:

Sample: 4 of 12
Hopefully I can curb "prep fever" to these figures. I'm learning that too many figures in the queue just distracts from getting anything done. I am also learning that I should probably do smaller batches. The Pirates became tedious because each one was uniquely painted, no standard uniform; they just seemed to take forever. Robin Hood's men were a lot of figures using a fairly monochrome palette. I think in the future I will try and restrict identical uniformed troops to batches of 10 or 12; similar or monochrome pallet to six-ish, and individuals to four or five. This is only for 15mm. I know there is at least one of you laughing now, that you paint twenty 28s at a go, but that's just not me. I have been doing the Sprints to mix things up and maintain my interest. And so far, it's working!


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  1. A lot of work there!
    the lizarmen look very nice