Sunday, July 6, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 35(?)

Hello All!

Been bogged down with work, and yard work, and that World Cup thingy.

Finally hit the painting table for the first time in a month. So what do we have?

Old Parker got a bit more shading to the face as well as a base coat on the hair. Started fooling around with shades of grey to find the right tone for his clothing. Started on some spats as well. Sharp looker that Parker!

Lady Penelope has had additional facial shading as well, after some facial shaving to remove some molding unpleasantness..

She received several more layers of Reaper Pink Blush on her dress.

I also finished the repair of this minions hood after it was atomized by my static flocking tool.

And I also started basing up some 15mm not-Terminators.

It's great to be back painting! next week my family is leaving me home alone, so I hope to make a serious dent in the lead pile!



  1. A good start on some pretty figures. Parker and Penelope are looking very elegant already.