Monday, July 28, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 38

Better late than never!

This week some progress has been made on the Blue Moon Pirates:

Click on it for a larger image
Started to work on the final details: swords, dagger, pistols, and hair. I spent some time thumbing through some picture books on pirates to get my mojo back.

Also got in some work on Robin Hood's crew. All the flesh tones are done and I have started putting in the greens. Perhaps overly influenced by the classic 1938 film with Errol Flynn, my color pallet will be decidedly cinematic. Robin's crew will be in dark greens which get progressively lighter until Robin himself. The inner circle (named characters) will be in mid greens with red details (except for will scarlet all in red).

Here is the state of the "unnamed" thieves in dark green:

Click on photo for larger image

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