Saturday, July 12, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 36

Hello All,

Back on track with painting again, so let's get going!

First up I have been working on the robots/cyborgs/not-cylons I had just started last week. I wish I could remember who did these. I'd first thought - no, couldn't find them on their website. Then tried the GZG - no. I'll figure it out before I finish them! (Update: Sybots by Astro Miniatures!)

So here they are all lined up. Dead simple paint job: black base, drybrushed Reaper Blackened Steel with a little black added to it, next layer straight Blackened Steel, finished off with a Blackened Steel/True Silver mix for a highlight.

Ground is a simple brown wash over a white drybrush.

Here's a slightly closer view:

I also managed to do a little work on the BlueMoon Pirates. Reds, greens, and the light blues where the additions here.

I am particularly pleased with the striping on this lad's pants:

Lastly I started basing up some Light Robin Hood figures:

No progress on Lady Penelope and Parker this week.


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  1. Love the pirates, and looking forwards to Robin Hood!