Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sprint #7 - Are You My Mummy?

This sprint I finished (19) mummies by Rebel Minis from their Pulp Adventure line.

Why 19 you may ask? I don't know. The blister said 20 and I have no idea if the blister was short one or if I lost one somewhere on the bench (whole armies could be lost in the clutter). Since these will primarily be used in skirmish games, plus or minus one does not concern me much.

The figure is base coated with Delta Ceramcoat Raw Linen. and then given a wash with a mix of Renaissance Ink Brown with a touch of Renaissance Ink Green (to counteract the slight redness of the brown ink) mixed with equal parts water.

The wash was followed with a drybrush of Raw Linen. If any "flesh" was exposed, it was given a mix of various shades or Reaper flesh, punched up with the same ink mix used for the wrappings.Weapons are Vallejo Oily Steel and Reaper Tarnished Brass.

Two blade finishes
To give the weapons an aged look, Oily Steel surfaces were touched with Vallejo Light Rust Wash and Tarnished Brass given touches of thinned Reaper Mint. Above is the same figure, the left painted blade is painted Oily Steel with Rust and the right blade painted with Tarnished Brass with Mint. I tried to get a splotchy coat with the weathering. This was my first attempt at using the Vallejo Wash product, and my first experiment with the Reaper Mint. I was very please with the oxidation look of the Mint - it came out much better than I had hoped. Next time I will use a couple of the Vallejo rust colors to get more variety on the blade.

Sand Base
I have some standard paint combinations for bases, and the sand base is a new recipe for me. I first attempted a sand look on the Pirates in yesterdays Paint Table Saturday, but these mummies finished first. The base is covered in the finest sand I have - it's decorative sand found in a craft shop - I use it exclusively on 15mm bases. After priming, the base was coated with a 50/50 mix of Delta Ceramcoat Fleshtone Base and Delta Ceramcoat Putty. Once dry, the base is given a wash made from Delta Ceramcoat Spice Tan which was watered down 10:1. I tried for a random pattern with the wash rather than an even coat. I am fairly pleased with the result.

Overall, these are mostly a quick drybrush efforts, but I'm still glad to have them in my collection. They will be great for the odd fantasy skirmish or pulp adventure.

These 19 bring my painted total to 68 figures since the end of February.


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