Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sprint #6 - Black Hat Steam Tanks

Better late then never I suppose!

Here are a couple of  British Light Steam Hovertanks w/Gatling by Black Hat Miniatures. If I recall correctly, I purchased them from Scale Creep here in the U.S.

The tanks consist of four to five resin cast pieces. I give a range as one kit was slightly different from the other. Both kits have the hull, a smoke stack, the Gatling gun, and the turret. The turret pivots on a large round plug: on one kit the plug was part of the turret, on another it was a separate piece that has to be glued to the underside of the turret. I can think of no reason for the difference, but there it is.

I did do a bit of customizing, adding the flag poles from brass wire, the paper flags printed on my inkjet printer, and the small nameplates on the front.

I looked at Victorian era machinery, mostly steam engines. They seemed to be dominated by greens, blacks, and often seemed to be named.

Zeus was first up and was painted in Reaper Peacock Green and Oily Steel. Everything but the flag pole was given a coat of GW Badab Black wash. I used it straight out of the pot and I think it came out a bit too dark. The flag pole is Delta Ceramcoat Raw Linen.

The name plate is cut from a strip of Evergreen plastic, given a coat of black, and then had the name added with Microscale Decal letters - HO Scale Railroad Roman Letter and Numbers Dulux #90008. The letters were maddening and almost caused the name plates to be abandoned. I had just bought the decals from a local hobby shop but I suspect they were not very fresh. Mon my first attempt to letter a plate the decal crumbled. So I coated the decal with Microscale Industries Liquid Decal film - the decal crumbled again but not quite as badly. After three coats I could place the letters with negligible crumble. Applied Micro Sol solution, coated with clear from a rattle can and the nameplates were done!

Thor replaced the Peacock Green With Muddy Olive and the engine housing was painted black. having learned my lesson with the black wash on Zeus, I added to the Badab Black a touch of Renaissance Ink Brown Ink and thinned the mix with water.

To make some of the details stand out a little better, the undersides of the gun slots and the hatch were outlined with a pen.

That's it! These were a lot of fun to put together and paint. Now to paint up some redcoats to go along.


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  1. It was wonderful of you to paint steam tanks for my British colonial troops. I'll be by next week to pick them up:)