Saturday, May 31, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 30

But it's Paint Table Saturday #1 for me!

So let's see what's on the painting table!


Here are a set of (5) droids by (from their HOF line)

I've used mostly Reaper Master Series triads so far. Red and Blu are almost done - a little bit of clean up and some static grass and they'll be good to go.

Front side
Back side
These are proving to be a lot of fun to paint: quick, low stress goodness. I've started a third in green and haven't figured out how to paint the remaining two.


I've been slowly chipping away at (8) 18mm Blue Moon Manufacturing Pirates. These have taken a bit while I figure out what are appropriate pirate colors, keep it to a minimal set of colors, and varying things enough so the don't look like Teen Pirate Force.

Just some blues, browns, and the off-white pants roughed in for now.

Steampunk Duo

And lastly on the prep deck are two figures from Steve Jackson Games 28mm Steampunk set.

For now I'll call them Lady Penelope and Parker:

The patina you see is a wash of GW Badab Black. I've been having a devil of a time lately discovering seam lines before the color goes on, so I thought a wash might help. Not the best use of a scarce resource, but it is helping me find the small seams.


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