Friday, April 4, 2014

Sprint #3 - British Aeronefs

Just a quicky this time, pretty busy tomorrow so I can't post. Completed 7 British Aeronefs by Brigade Models. Broke two stands so I will have to wait for an order I placed to arrive. Sorry about the less than stellar photos - will reshoot as time permits.

(3) Cossack Class 'nefs and a Steadfast Class

Rawalpindi, Osprey, and an Exeter
This brings the Sprint total to 24 figures in the last six week. Still no purchases since the beginning of the year. krimso is placing an order to Pulp Figures which I will join him in, so this will be my last time at zero. It was never my intention to stop buying lead, it was just nice to make some traction on the mountain for a change!

What's next?


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