Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sprint #2 - Blue Moon Orion Republic Infantry

OK, Made it in time! Just a quick write up. This sprint's choice was Blue Moon's Orion Republic Heavy Infantry. I had originally planned to lavish a lot of love on these, but as a started working with them I lost my enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong, they are still nice figures and I like them, but I no longer love them. So the elaborate paint job went out the window though there are still four shade of blue used - hard to tell I know.

I'll write up a separate post going into detail what killed my enthusiasm and I'll show you some of the raw lead so you can make your own call. Looks like Blue Moon has a very sweet paint job on them on their website. Here's the back view of mine:

If you click on the pics it should pull up larger shots from my photobucket account.

Since I spent less time on my primary mission, I was able to slip in a


Here are some Screamers from Ravenstar Studios. These are my first resin gaming figures. Kind of freaky how light they are.

These were very fun figures to paint. I see them popping up in a "Tremors" based game. Get some of the hillbilly packs that are out in 15mm by Khurasan or Highlander Studios to use as town folk and away you go!

So this makes 17 figures painted in the last month and no figures purchased since the beginning of the year. I'm feelin' pretty good about that! The new space raptors (Chuhuac) by Loud Ninja are calling me - especially with's 15% off offer - but this sense of painting progress is making me strong!

Hmm, what to paint next? I'm thinking some aeronef by Brigade Models - if I can find them in the lead pile.


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  1. I admire your iron self control- no figures purchased since the beginning of the year?! Make sure you confess any weakening of spirit on this blog, 'cos I'm extremely jealous! I like the Blue Moon figures, but have no idea how they compare in scale to other manufacturers- any guide please?