Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sprint #1 - GZG Mercs

OK! Just made it under the wire finishing these GZG Mercs last night.

As mentioned last post, krimso and I are challenging ourselves to finish something every two weeks. I know for some of you this is no big deal. A friend of mine is able to paint at work (don't ask) and is able to complete 300 or more figures a year. My envy knows no bounds!

I am a slow painter. Couple that with a focus on projects results in my painting being a small output of only project based (Convention game) painting. Burn out.

So for my first "sprint" (hijacking a project management term) I chose some GZG 15mm Mercenaries. I got three as door prizes at the GZG-ECC this year and I found a few others (probably another door prize from a previous year - you do know that EVERYONE gets some door prize figures as well as figures in every game you play, right?).

Let me say that I really enjoyed this "fast" approach. It must be akin to the rush folks in ironman painting contests get. Not much time to dwell on color scheme, can't fret about perfection; just paint and get them done. Kind of a rush!

This was also my first chance to play with the small photo-tent I bought on ebay...last summer. It's about 1 foot cubed and came with four colored backgrounds (white, red, blue, and black) and I think I paid around $14. It's going to take some fiddling to get it right, but overall I am satisfied with how the figures came out considering they are 15mm figures and I am using a compact digital camera.

Now that I look at the pics, I may have to go back and trim the grass a bit, it does overflow in places.



  1. Well, it may have been a 'sprint', but no loss of quality! It's great to see these figures painted with flesh coloured, er, flesh, rather than green, as I imagine they are supposed to resemble orcs..... or is that just me?!

  2. Thanks! I know wjat you meam about the green skin. While I do see these figs as having some orc features, I also see influences of the Mangalores from "The Fifth Element" which is why I went with fleshtone and mostly military colors. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Yoiks! Never reply from a cell phone...

  4. Very sexy!! So, we've both been successful in round 1. We need to make sure that we continue rather than slip back into the mire!