Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Journey Fraught with Peril

The trip to and from the GZG-ECC is always full of danger.

Not usually physical danger though we have had more than our share of missed exits and overshot destinations.

krimso and I talk – a lot.

In general, those long drives are the birth place of our mad plans for con games, personal challenges, and a lot of smack talk. This year’s trip involved a lot of talk about where are heads are at with gaming.  In 2013, Work took over both our live. Job and family squeezed gaming and painting figs down to a trickle. We’re feeling that all too common malaise.

The theory we are working on is that we start these big projects and then all our painting becomes about the big project – it becomes a job – it sucks the life out of painting.

So this year we are going to try a different strategy. It’s going to be all about painting.

We have each committed to painting and finishing SOMETHING every two weeks. Something consists of a single 28mm or a squad of 15mm (>4 figs) or the rough equivalent. We can paint whatever we want, we just have to FINISH IT!

And whatever we end up with, we’ll try and come up with a game.

The clock started 6pm, Saturday 22nd


GZG ECC 17 coverage up soon!


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