Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hold On…While You’re Painting

Hi, long time no see.

I thought to get myself back in the groove, I’d talk a little bit about a recent evolution in my method for holding gaming figures while I paint.

Most of us started painting as wee lads we just held the molded on base. If we were really snazzy, we’d use Blu-Tac to hold it to a bottle cap. As time evolved, I went to the cork base method.

I use this still for my “serious” figures and collector figures over 54mm. Basically, it’s a large cork, cut in half (to be frugal) and glued to a 3” diameter wooden disk I picked up at a craft store. The one on the left has four brads jammed into the side. I use these to hold figures with an integral base by lacing rubber bands across the base.

I noticed my friend krimso used the bottom of GW flying bases with a magnetic glued to the top. It seemed like a pretty handy way of holding a miniature, though I wasn’t so keen on using GW bases.
I should say right up front that I now paint most gaming figures glued to a washer base with ground cover added before priming.

Here are the magnets I have played with. The pack on the right is from Walmart and is a slightly rubbery disk. They were around $5. The magnets on the right are a hard ceramic. I picked up the ceramics at a “dollar-ish” store – you know those stores that say they are dollar stores and then half the stuff is more than a dollar? This pack of twelve was about $1.50. I’ve made usable holders from both, though I must say I favor the ceramic as they have a stronger magnetic field.

My first attempt used different sizes of wooden disks.

I highly recommend using a flexible super glue. Here is the brand I get at my local hobby shop:

This overcomes the naturally brittle nature of super glue.

These are only good for single figures so I thought I would try and replace Popsicle sticks and Blu-Tac. Here are magnets glues to a tongue depressor sized stick.

Continuing to lurk in craft stores and dollar stores, I found out there is another kind of stick – a tongue depressor on steroids. EXTRA JUMBO CRAFT STICKS.

Craft stick, tongue depressor, and the Jumbo
I took the Extra Jumbo Craft stick, added ceramic magnets, and then added a feature I saw on another blog that was a real forehead-palm-slap moment – glue multiple sticks together for easier handling. Wish I could remember which blog it was as I owe that blogger a big thanks (I’ve looked and can’t find it again).

And here is my stick-of-choice in use with some Blue Moon Cardinal’s Guard:


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