Thursday, June 20, 2013

GZG-ECC 16 - Part the Second

Huzzah! At this rate I’d say it’s 50/50 that my After Action of GZG-ECC 16 will be done before GZG-ECC 17. Life intervenes….

So where were we? Ah, yes, Saturday morning. I started the day playing "Drop Zone Z" by Jeff Aubert.
All eyes on the last transport out

Jeff runs a game that’s an interesting mash up of the unpublished GZG game FMA Skirmish and a dice pool game. It is very free flowing and a lot of fun. They are the same rules he and Bubba used to run a Dune game last year.
Here's a jeep I hoped to jumpstart and hightail it to the transport.

The scenario entailed a world that has been taken over by zombies. There is only one troop ship left which is about to shove off. Remaining troops and locals are racing to get a spot on the transport and hopefully hold on to it until the lift off criteria is met.Hilarity ensues...
My boys move out!
I made it to the transport, got in a to do with some locals, and ultimately got the snot beat out of me. I managed to get two guys on board. One or both may have gotten thrown off. I was, needless to say, not the victor.

In the afternoon, krimso and I ran "Get Back..To Serenity". I guess it would be more accurate to say I helped krimso set it up and get it going. Then I crapped out and took a nap due to to much hard liquor the night before. Bloody lightweight!
The shuttle is a Hallmark ornament. Perfect for 15mm. An ebay find.
Mal and crew are here to sell weapons to some rebels. Jayne is leading Simon, Summer, and Wash to go help Inara who's shuttle has broken down. Meanwhile unbeknownst to Mal, Saffron is in with the rebels looking to rip everyone off. A group of imperial agents is looking for the Tams, and a local pollice shief is caught in the middle between his duty and an old debt to Simon.
The long and the short of it was Saffron succeeded in scamming everyone, the local police did some wonderful roleplaying and helped Mal get away, but not before Book got killed in some gun play with Saffron's crew.

Saturday night, refreshed from nap time, I ran "Super Mega Hyper Mecha Smackdown". We were graced with last year's champion Tom McCarthy, but experience did not take the day.

A new champion was crowned: Carl "Need For Speed" Shue. Carl's tactice was to stay in Gerwalk mode most of the game, flying about at rather high speed. This made him a hard target to hit.
Come on White mech, stop hidin'!

The 2013 rules modifications were well received, and as always, all the feedback will be incorporated into next years championship.

Sunday morning is usually a day for playing simple fun games before the drive home. This year Sunday's game really stuck out as one of the most clever I have played.
The Barn
Damo Walker ran the deceptively simple "Nach der Toten". Four US troopers are trapped in an old barn holding off a zombie onslaught. There are several openings which can be re-enforced, or have boxes moved in front of them, or the soldiers can shoot, or the soldiers can move to another opening. And there are more openings than soldiers. And the waves of undead just keep coming and coming. Each player controls one soldier. I got the impression Damo usually runs the zombies, but Clambo was at loose ends so he helped run them. This was good for several reasons. That morning Clambo's dice rolling sucked. bad as my typical die rolling type sucking! Sorry Dude! But I think this helped the soldiers achieve victory.

It's also good as it gives me an excuse to include the traditional photoshopped picture of Clambo.
Clambo - trapped in gaming damnation
I'll wrap it up with two items. 

You can browse my Photobucket directory where all 72 pictures from the con reside here.

Also this seemed to be the year of the Zuzzy mat.
Hubba Hubba!
These were in use for at least three games. I particularly like this combo of the Zuzzy Despoiled Reached mat with the GaleForce 9 Badlands terrain set. OMG, this just sets my gaming heart a-flutter! Must...keep...wallet...closed!!


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