Thursday, April 4, 2013

Field Trip!: Resintopia 2

Needing a break from the winter doldrums, I got a chance to spend a couple of hours at Resintopia 2. This was my first time at this relatively new show. It is dedicated to garage kits and is located in Fairfield, NJ.

Yowzer! I think this appeared in a recent Amazing Figure Modeler

The show was a three day event and consisted of a vendor area, a model contest, and a series of speakers and workshops.

As I was short on time, I only visited the vendor area and the contest area. Sprinkled throughout this post are some shots from the contest area. You can see all the photos in my Photobucket.

While dominated by figures, model kits still put in a strong showing.

The vendor area had 30+ vendors selling kits, finished figures, accessories such as nameplates, books, paints, airbrushes, and lighting kits.

Things are a little tight around my house these days, so I really had to be careful with purchases. I constrained myself to just picking up two back issues of Amazing Figure Modeler and a Batman bust where Batman has turned into a vampire. The same vendor had a Joker bust and a Harley Quinn bust which pained me to leave on the table.

I'm hoping things will be a little better financially when this show rolls around next year (I assume there will be a #3). I would like to pick up a couple more kits and spend some time in the workshops. There is another garage kit show coming up in September called JerseyFest which I assume is run by the same folks, since it's at the same hotel. I haven't been to this one either and it's been around for 7 years (how have I been missing it?).

Certainly these shows are very small compared to Chiller when I attended 15 to 20 years ago, but frankly I think I like them more. Chiller became so crowded it became a hectic buying fest. This Resintopia show is much more intimate and community oriented. And while the contest was not packed, the quality was outstanding!

That's it for now. Still need to get my GZG-ECC post up and this weekend I will be attending MosquitoCon in Wayne, NJ (by the NJIPMS).


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