Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blue Moon SF#2 complete!

Hello! It's been a while! What with prep for GZG-ECC, actually going to GZG-ECC (post to follow), and some business travel, things have kept me away from blogging. Oh yeah, a minor flood in the Lead Covenant HQ as well. Still recovering from that one. The pile on top of the painting table is even larger.

But I have finished the Blue Moon  SF#2 building. It was for a Firefly game krimso and I made for GZG-ECC.

The building was finished with craft paints and Testor's Acryl colors. Much of it was laid down with one of the Harbor Freight airbrushes. The salt technique was used to create chipped paint. Further weathering was done with Brandon Enterprises powders and GW washes. Finally a light coast of craft paint as dust.

The above picture shows the only modification I made to the building. My building had the ground end in a straight edge with the wall. I don't know whether they all come this way or this was just a fault of mine. I used a bit of epoxy putty to extend the ground and have it roll off more gently.

The above photo shows the roof and the dome off. I'm amazed they were able to mold the control panel into the building. I'd love to see how Blue Moon makes it's molds!

That's all for now. Will start posting the GZG-ECC16 photos soon.


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