Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Post-Sandy – Out of the Ashes.. Err, Mud…Whatever!

Yeah, I know the pic is a lame, overused joke – but I still like it!

OK, life post-hurricane Sandy is, for us, almost back to normal. We dealt with 12 days and 16 hours without power, 13 and a half without phone, internet, and cable tv. No damage to the house either due to falling trees and no flood damage as we hand bailed out the sump pump pit every few hours. Many were far less fortunate. Please join me in donating to the American Red Cross to aid them. LINK My workplace matches donations - please check if yours does the same.

Neat as a pin and ready to paint
So part of getting back to normal is getting back to hobbies! Not quite there yet – here’s a picture of all the crap piled up on my game/painting table in order to avoid flood damage. Yup, gonna take a bit more work to get back to painting. So this just leaves me with buying more stuff…


So electricity, heat, and properly refrigerated foods are transient but the quest is eternal! I always had my eye on the larger scale Warmachine figures done in resin years ago. I waffled too much when they were on the Privateer Press site and have rarely seen them on ebay. Just before the Hurricane, I had noticed a Deneghra figure up for auction. I figured I’d keep an eye on it and if the bidding did not go crazy, take a run at it. My entire town lost power and that was that – auction missed. While sitting at a warming station reading my Kindle, I noticed the Deneghra had not sold! The seller and I exchanged notes for a few days (as I could only get internet at a warming station) but a deal was reached!

Yeah, I know, I’m pathetic.

So anywho, shortly thereafter a Sorscha pops up on ebay, and while the sculpt looked a little off to me, I went for it anyway (yeah, tad compulsive that). So now I have the only two limited addition Warmachine figures. Hmmm, the compulsive side is now telling me I should start looking for their companion Warjacks…


Just before the hurricane, I managed to finish the Bluemoon huts shown in the Primer-palooza post. These will be the “home village” for my Splintered Light fauns. Here is the group shot (this is two sets worth):

Sorry about the blanket as background (and bonus cat hair). My photo cube is in amongst the debris in (or near) the painting table. Color is a little shifted too... the blanket is a fairly strong purple/plum color.

And here is one for the leader. I thought this would be a low risk place to practice freehand so you can just see some freehanded vines on the doorway. I’m sure the Golden Demon and Crystal Brush folks will be banging down my door any day now!


 So while hiding from the cold and dark at the local public library, I noticed the manga “Bleach” in the Young Adult section. I had started watching Bleach on Adult Swim On-Demand years ago. It’s still on regular Adult Swim, though up in some triple digit numbered episodes. I think I was up in the low thirties when Adult Swim On-Demand stopped showing it. I am working my way through the manga series and am enjoying it a lot. 

In a nut shell, high school student Ichigo Kurosaki could see ghosts. He accidentally takes on the powers of a Soul Reaper, someone who helps Ghosts pass on and who kills ghosts that go bad and turn Hollows (demons). Check out either the manga or the anime – good stuff!

I hope the library's collection will get me past where Ichigo and company are trying to get Rukio (his mentor) out of prison which is where I lost track of the anime.

Continuing in the literature vain, you still have a few days left to sponsor the "Figure Art - An Artbook by Roman Lappat & Raffaele Picca" project on Indiegogo. These two are a couple of incredible figure painters, playing a big role in the Massive Voodoo blog. For $35 bucks (Monkey Tamer level) you'll get a 120 page figure art book, your name in the book, an A4 size book documenting the works in progress, and some stickers and a bookmark. All the support levels have been achieved so you can't really go wrong. Such a great deal it caused me to break my crowd-funding cherry and go for it. I even donated an extra $5 because I thought what I will be getting look that worthwhile. I highly recommend you do the same - ACT FAST!


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