Sunday, October 7, 2012


After giving an overview of the Blue Moon Transylvania and talking about the level of resin dust, I decided I should really get off my duff, clean them up, and give them a coat of primer. Thus the last week or so has become a somewhat manic period - 25 pieces cleaned and primed. Every night consists of a round of priming parts washed the night before, selecting another set of parts to clean, wash, and leave out to dry, followed by slipping the primed parts over and coating there reverse side. if I am in a very productive mood I could get two rounds done a day (Krylon Indoor/Outdoor primer dries very fast).

A stack of primed sub-assemblies

In my uber-enthusiasm I did not stop with the Transylvania sets, but also primed the Blue Moon SF Building #2 and two sets of the Blue Moon 15DDA201 Village #1 (Darkest Africa range) which I will be using as the home for my Splintered Light Fauns.

Here's the lot put together. Still can't get the Inn's roofs right!

I did do some work beyond priming!

I put a base coat on Blue Moon SF #2 with Testor's Flat Light Aircraft Gray (1233) and some stippling with Polly Scale Concrete paint (how I simulate concrete). You can see it in the back row.

I also spent a lovely evening at Casa de Krimso. Rather than gaming, we spent a quiet evening trying to get our painting chops back. I worked primarily of my Fauns and Krimso bounced about a bit on 15mm SF figures and scenery bits. His painting break had been longer than mine and was struggling to get his mojo back which he should do in short order.  Of course one of the features of a visit to Krimso's is his collection of brewed beverages - which make's it a little harder to get your mojo back!

That night's libation was Dragon's Milk Ale by New Holland. Sweet nectar of the God's what a beverage! Dark and full bodied, endlessly creamy!  If your tastes lean that way, go git some!


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  1. Tis the season for priming. Gotta get it done while the weather is still half decent!