Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hey Babe, Take a walk on the wild side...

So this weekend I was given a free ticket to the New York Comicon held at the Javits Center. I have been an avid comic collector at several points in my life, but now I just pick up the occasional issue. The last comic convention I was at was probably at the Javits about 20 years ago. Back then it occupied one small gallery on the lowest floor. My, Oh My, things have changed!

My first clue was when I was walking from the PATH station to the Javits. I'm 4.5 long, Manhattan blocks away. And I notice to my left I'm walking with Thor.

Yeah, that's different. And wait, that guy has a superman cape peeking out of his backpack...

So the crowd got bigger and bigger as we walked. A block away and the "herd" is taking up the entire side walk.

Finally made it to the sidewalk of the Javits. I'm part of a slow moving, shambling horde trying to make it to the entry. Parallel to my horde, is a zombie horde promoting Walking Dead.

While Walter kept vigil from the top of the RV. This looks promising!

  Finally into the entry way and seeing tons of folks engaging in cosplay...

And a few displays such as this by Sega where you could get your picture taken in Ripley's power loader..

Just in the actual show entrance and I am greeted by Gundam! Excellent!

I was pleased to see several booths selling anime kits. But that's about all I did was see. Saturday is SOOOOO packed that it was very difficult to get to most booths.

Oh the humanity!

Well, I could go on with a long rambling post, instead I'll just send you here to my NYCC directory (50+ pics) on photobucket and leave you with the following observations:

  • NY Comicon is cool, but best go on some other day than Saturday if you want to enjoy it. It is too crowded to move and just getting around was exhausting. It takes up the entire Javits, it's freeking HUGE!
  • It has become more of a pop culture show - lots of console gaming, cosplay outfitters, etc. Chevy was there shilling cars. Beyond booths for comic companies (by no means complete) there were only a handful comic vendors. At least that's what I think was there.. hard to tell when the crowd around a booth is three people deep.
  • Saw the Batmobile (TV), the Batcycle, Back to the Future Delorian, and the Scooby-Doo van. Bitchin'!
  • Watch out for cosplayers! Yes they are fun to see, but they block the aisles so they can take pictures of one another and many do not take where they are going into outfit selection. I was whacked by wings may times. Wake up Kids, six foot wingspans do not work in a sea of wall-to-wall people!


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