Tuesday, September 4, 2012

OMG! Blue Moon SF#1 complete!

Hey, hey! Did a quick salt weathering on the antennae. Sprayed a light layer of "dust" over the entire building with a concentration around the bottom. The dust is a 50/50 mix of Delta Ceramcoat Sandstone and Spice Tan. I recently picked up a cheapo airbrush from Harbor freight and found this to be a great way to get a "simple" coat like a dust layer down fast. I'll knock out a dedicated article to the Harbor Freight brush later this week.

Very happy with how the scratch antennae came out, other than the dish is a wee bit too large.

Sooo glad this building is finally done! I got to try a lot of new techniques for me and had a great time in the process of learning. Hopefully this will translate into the next building going faster. Yeah, and I'll finish everything in the lead pile too!

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  1. Nice to see this building painted and weathered- you've done a bang-up job on this, very nice indeed. Congrats and thanks for posting!