Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hey Blue Moon! Show us your backsides!: Transylvanian Edition


In honor of the coming Halloween season and the popularity of “Hey Blue Moon! Show us your backsides!” SF building post, I thought I would do the same for the Blue Moon Transylvania buildings I bought a year or so ago.

But first things first – if you are looking for the 15HOR-204 Transylvania Castle – you can skip this post as it is the one set in the Transylvania series I did not get. I have not gotten it because 1) it has a high sticker price, and 2) I haven’t painted what I have yet so it seemed to be a little too ambitious. So let's think of it as "deferred" for now...

Unlike the SF buildings which came in poly bags, the Transylvania buildings come in corrugated cardboard cartons with each piece of resin wrapped in newspaper.  All buildings have separate roofs without locator pins or strips, and interiors without detail.

So what did I get? Let’s start with the very impressive 15HOR-203 Borgo Pass Inn.

The Inn consists of six resin castings and a bag of metal castings. The resin parts are made up of three roofs, the major portion of the building, and two smaller castings which are overhangs/balconies.

The openings are skinned over with a thin layer of resin which will need to be cut out. They are meant to be glued into some grooves on the front of the building. The grooves fit snug so should be good with just glue – no pinning.

Here is a view of one of the sides (sorry I didn’t get the roof alignment quite right) –

And the backside.

And a close up of the bag of metal castings for railings, stairs, and other details. The base of the building is 240mm wide by 90mm deep, the balconies add another 40mm to the depth. The Inn has wonderful character which really sold me on the entire line. I’m sure it can be used in other settings than Transylvania (maybe Pennsylvania - that's for you Clambo!).

Second purchase was 15HOR-201 Transylvania Buildings. This is a set of four buildings, all with separate roofs (eight resin pieces total). It also includes a bag of metal castings for railings and stairs.
Here’s the first building, no metal castings used. Base measurements are 110mx90mm:

The second building is an L-shaped, two story, and is roughly 125mm square.

Third is a rectangular two story, 115mmx70mm.

And the final building in this set is a rectangular two story. It is 125mmx60mm. The Blue Moons site indicates the castings are for a railing on this building. It looks like there are more castings than necessary for just this in the bag so they may be for personal customization.

The character of this set of buildings matches the Inn extremely well and could also have other potential uses.

The last building I bought was 15HOR-202 Transylvania Town Church. The Church is in three resin castings (two of which make the roof) and no metal. It measures 140mm square at the base.

Here is the backside – the small window on the first floor is on the rear opposite the double doors in the front.

Surprisingly, the Church is the only set that uses any kind off roof locators, and only on one of the roofs at that! The onion/small roof casting has a nice hex shaped plug that fits into the tower on the main roof casting.

One final note: Blue Moon does some belt sanding on their resin parts to flatten the bottoms of buildings and the underside of roofs. This process left a LOT of resin dust clinging to the recesses of castings, regardless of which set. You may have noticed the dust smudges and splotches on the blue background cloth in some of the photos. I don’t know if this was just a freak in the ones I purchased – certainly the SF buildings did not have as much dust – but word to the wise: wash these castings first thing. I would, in fact, recommend unpacking the boxes in a sink as this will cut down on resin dust getting airborne. Wish I’d done that!

I love these buildings and really should get around to painting these things soon! After the rest of the Blue Moon SF buildings, and the Startown buildings, and the... you know how that goes, right?



  1. I like the roofs on those, nice!

  2. Wow, not my genre, but those are really impressive and you do a great job showing all the features. The hobby has really improved in the last 10 years. Perhaps these are the basis for a Pennsylvania 6-5000 game at GZG (even though it's not held there now the name is just irresistable). Downtown Lancaster always struck me as spooky or post-apocalyptic.

    1. Good suggestion! Probably could pass for some of a sleepy town in upstate NY as well, though then you lose the whole Transylvania 6-5000 tie in. Of course you and I may be the only two who remember that movie (and I never saw it, just remember the trailers).

      Is it fair to brand Lancaster just because of the Brunswick experience? ;-)