Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sneaking out to a show...

I usually try and keep show reports for special posts, but as this weeks update is insubstantial (intermediate work on some 15mm heavy fauns and the start of another group of faun archers) I thought I would share a little of a show I snuck out to today...

NJHMA Expo 2012

Immaculate Tamiya Super 7
I've been attending the NJHMA Expo for over thirty years and have been a member of at least 23. Back-in-the-day it was a predominantly figure club with a few modelers, toy soldier collectors and a few militaria folks mixed in for good measure. The Expo was a huge, multi-day affair. Now the membership is about 10% of its peak, the club is predominantly model builders, and the Expo is a one day show. Such are the ravages of a graying hobby.
But despite all of this, I think Expo remains a great show with excellent examples of the hobby. Below are some pictures a had a chance to snap.
Amazing Queen Elizabeth 1st bust
(wish my picture was better)
Scratch built bathysphere
The rust was SO REALISTIC!
Obligatory flat picture
SF had a low turn out, but what was there was great!
A gem in 1:72nd
1:1 wolfman bust
Wow! Look at how real that eye is!
A diorama entry - ambitious structure
The wrecked building was too big to fit in the picture
Even is your not a tread head, you can go to school on the weathering jobs
The tank field was PACKED and this one was pretty iunusual
Another photoetch how to...
And if you liked airplane kits, you were in hog  heaven
And toy soldiers were well represented as well

There were others I'd wished I'd got shots of: some Warmachine Trollbloods with to-die for bases. a couple other tanks, and I didn't get a chance to look at the planes at all. Maybe I'll try and get a plastic kit done for next year.


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  1. Those look great, thanks for the pictures. That bathysphere is my favorite!