Sunday, August 5, 2012


This week I tried an experiment.

When it comes to figure prep, I can at times be.... let's call it "overzealous". After mold line clean up, I usually scrub the miniature, air dry for a day or so, prime (lately with Tamiya primer), and then start to base coat. This is a long process. I've read many posts on the web with folks successfully skipping many of these steps. For the Splintered Light fauns, rather than priming and then base coating, I tried using Rustoleum Camouflage Earth Brown to prime and base coat in one. Yes, I probably could have ordered one of those Army Painter primers, but no suitable tone was available at my local game store. Walmart had the camo paint.

So pros and cons:
Pro: Earth Brown is a very dark brown. It provides a great natural tone for shadows which I prefer over black.
Pro: Speeds up painting
Pro: Super dead flat. Flatter than flat. Fall off the edge of the world flat.
Pro: Cheap (under $4)
Con: Not quite as tough as real primer. A couple of high point rubbed off during handling.
So for me, the paint is looking good as a first step for fantasy figure. Once these figures are finished I will give them several clear coats and see if the paint job holds up under use. Here's a mid-point shot of the archers:

Also worked on the antennae for the Blue Moon SF building. I've built a mechanism to attach the mast and the dish and added a ring to the bottom of the mast just to make it look a little cleaner where it sits on the roof.

Here's a slightly closer view of the dish with the center of the array added. The brass, both mesh and rods, are all K&B, and the styrene is Evergreen. The mesh was formed around a small jar and while taped to the jar the Evergreen strips were glued on with CA 

The mast is attached with an assortment of Evergreen I-beams, square tubes, and strips. Unfortunately, I did not get the I-beam on very symmetrically, but these photos exaggerate the offset a bit. Hopefully it will be nothing you notice on the table.

After this photo session, the antennae got primed. Should be able to get it painted and weathered this week

That's all for now. Later!

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