Monday, August 20, 2012

Canvas Wings and more Fur Pants

Hey, hey! Had to do some travel for business and travel prep, execution, and recovery have kept me from the painting table. Here's where I go to before I boarded the great silver bird -

Here is a sample of the 6 faun archers that are now completed. I added some Silfor tufts just to break up things up from the usual static grass. Here's a back view -

I started on the next batch, some heavy infantry

And finally, got the antennae primed for the Blue Moon SF building.

Before I left, I also got to play a game with Krimso. As those of you you follow his blog may recall, he finished some WWI planes for a game at Historicon that did not get played. Krimso introduced me to Blue Skies, Wood, and Canvas. We played a few scenarios; I played Germans and Krimso played Brits. It was a fun game that I would like to try again. Most of my WWI aero experience is either from the old Avalon Hill board game Richthofen's War and the now out-of-print miniature game Hostile Aircraft. HA was basically a miniatures based version of Richthofen's and both were on the more complicated side. Blue Skies (etc,etc) is a relatively simple game; Krimso had us up and running in a few minutes, and that was a great change of pace. I got the itch to pull out the H.A. planes that have not seen daylight in a decade.

Well, time to get back to the painting table!


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