Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gettin' My Fur Pants On!

While playing a game of Ares with Krimso, I bemoaned the lack of variety. Whenever we have played 15mm fantasy, we have used his figures and we tend to use all of them. Krimso rightly told me that I could paint the 15mm fantasy I had kicking around if I wanted variety. 

I hate it when Krimso's right.

When I was at Historicon, I decided to add to the (unpainted) fauns I bought from Splintered Light a couple years ago. That's right - nothing get's unfinished lead done like more unfinished lead! Splintered Light had announced some new archer, heavy infantry, and shaman fawns. 

So far I have cleaned up and based one pack of archers and half a pack of heavy infantry. They are ready for priming!

There are two poses in each pack of 12 figures.
I hadn't looked at the unfinished fauns from two years ago in a while.

Yoiks! Turns out I think of Splintered Light as a 15mm manufacturer. I saw the nice fauns and bought them. It never occurred to me that Splintered had a 20mm fantasy line! Also turns out that Krimso's kobolds are also from the 20mm line - though they do look great with his other 15s.

I plan to stick with the 15s and I have no idea what I'll do with the 20s. Maybe I'll use them as wee folk in 28mm 'cause I do not need another scale/size! 

Another plan crushed is that I wanted to make group bases that would accept the individuals so that I could also play Pride of Lions. Aaannnnd I can't get 3 across on a standard Pride of Lion 40mm base. I probably will go with a unique base size, but that reduces flexibility. Decisions, decisions....

I have also been chipping away at the Blue Moon SF building. I'm making a new antennae and mast.

A new mast out of brass rod and, rather than a hex based antennae like the original, a new curved dish made from brass mesh and edged in plastic strip.

Last note: Many have wished in my Blue Moon SF building review that I had covered 15SFI-203 Building #4.

I looked at it in the flesh at Historicon. I did not purchase it - it was not my taste. For those that are interested, the back side has a few windows like the vertical slit windows on the left side of the first floor in the above pic. The right side, towards the rear there are several pipes that come out of the first floor and go straight into the ground. Three roofs lift off, the largest carries the second floor walls with it. When I commented about the low level of detail on the back, one of the Blue Moon folks said it was for moldability.

That's all for now. Latah!


  1. Regarding the scale difference: the larger figure is a Satyr as opposed to a faun.

    1. Hey, goat pants, faun pants - what's the diff? B-)