Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chipping Away

This week did a little bit more work on Blue Moon SF Building 1. I felt that the rust spots done completely with the powder, though nice, still needed a little more. I used two shades of brown ink, thinned downed, to make some water stains and to break up some of the dusty blotches.

I also fixed the resin bubble in the door canopy with a little bit of epoxy putty and a quick dab of paint. Below is a shot of some water drips making the rust blotchier:

And here is some runoff from a piece of equipment:

We are now in the final countdown to Historicon 2012. I am prepping an updated version of Super Mecha Hyper Mecha Smackdown to run for my friends. I got a lot of good feedback from the players at GZG-ECC and am eager to see how the gang at Historicon respond. Here are a couple of the Mecha "pairs" used for play:

Super Mega Hyper Mecha Smackdown (SMHMS from now on) is an arena type game for 8 players. Each player has a mecha that can be in two modes: either Battroid (humanoid) or Gerwalk (that quasi-jet thing on the right). Each mode has advantages and disadvantages. I have been trying to get the latest rule revision and play sheet up as one of my pages but have been struggling Bloggers formatter. Anyone know a good file server? It would be much easier just to post a pdf.

Anyway, these mechs are originally from the anime series Macross. I had originally wanted to do it with the kits by Arii, but these are hard to find. A couple years ago a series of kits came out under the name "Super Space Time Models". After I got them, I concluded that they are some kind of bootleg from the Arii kits. While the sprue layout is identical, the detail and par alignment of Space Time kits are very poor when compared to the Arii.

All the mecha are based on 3" fiber board hexes from Renaissance Ink. Panel detail was added with sheets of styrene, 


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  1. Fantastic looking scenery and Robotech figures.