Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GZG-ECC 15, Part.2

Nnnnnnuts! I had this entry done Saturday, but I had foolishly written it directly into blogger. One random motion and it was wiped. So Part.2, Take 2.

Saturday morning I played “D8 Galactic Derelict”. It was a Space Hulk-ish kind of scenario using the D8 System by Bad Idea Games. The D8 system was created for their Fantasy WW1 game “Arses High, Orcs in the Sky” (AH for now). It utilizes some custom D8s that have Lite, Medium, and Heavy on them. Different characters types accept different results from the dice. If I recall correctly, there was an opposed die roll. Anyway, I had wanted to play AH, but I had promised another GM to play his game which was in the same slot. I thought I would give “D8 Galactic Derelict” a try to see what the mechanics were like. I’m glad I did. The mechanics are fairly simple but had after a few turns you start to see strategy options that made the game a lot of fun.

The game was played with some particularly amazing paper scenery that the owner of Bad Idea games had created. I had thought it was a professionally available set, but no.

Everyone had a squad and an objective like kill of X number of aliens, or drop a bomb down an airshaft. Each player took turns moving the aliens about and making rolls for them. At the end of the game, no one had achieved their objective but everyone had a great time. It was a blood bath.
Sadly, Bad Idea does not plan on releasing these rules and they might, just might, sell the corridors. I hope so.

I did have a chance to take a few pictures of other games going on in the Saturday morning slot. Here are some from the “Skirmish at Obelisk Point” by Jeff Aubert, a fantasy skirmish game using Hack and Slash rules.

And here is “Battle for Aldensport” by Jon Davis, a 6mm scenario using the Strike Legion rules.

In the afternoon slot, I played “Dune: The Spice Must Flow!” by Brian Phillips. I ended up partnered with Clambo again. We played the Fremen with Clambo taking on the role of Maud’Dib. The game used a combination of rules that are tough to describe. It had elements of the proto-rules from GZG called FMA Skirmish coupled with some dice pool mechanics. Somehow it all worked – we had a blast.

Brian went crazy and modified a ton of GW figures to make Fremen – I think the were Eldar. He did head swaps, added weapons, add breathing hoses. Very cool! The photos really don’t do the justice.
He constructed s spice harvester out of a salad bowl and other odds and ends. Brian also made a sand worm out of dryer ducting. The man is nuts!

He also dropped a chunk of change on ebay to get one of the old Monogram ornithopter kits, which I believe is the rarest of the Dune kits. Gotta admire that dedication to theme.

Needless to say the Fremen kicked booty, despite Maud’Dib wasting time skirmishing in the hills. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you Clambo! It fell to your humble servant Gurney Halleck to blow up the harvester! I think this is the time for the now mandatory Clambo photoshop'ed picture:
"Clambo is a killing word!"

Other games Saturday afternoon – “Arses High” by Bad Idea. I liked the minis so much and enjoyed the D8 system from the morning I picked this game up. My gaming buddy Krimso played it with his son and really enjoyed it. He picked it up too. In a move typical for us, neither of us has had the time to paint it up and get playing. Perhaps post Historicon?

Other Saturday afternoon sights: Tom McCarthy ran a Stargunt game, “Ambush Along Route 34-Alpha”. Love seeing those Kryomek figures coming out and getting used.

And I think this is “Coming of Shadows” by Aaron Newman using the Earth Force Source Book rules. I had to take a picture of this as I LOVE that planet. Aaron tells me after a long search for a suitable he found this 50s light fixture (close to 18" across). Takes a lot of care to pack and transport, but WOW, that’s great looking!

A brief pause in the action to talk about Saturday night’s dinner: Saturday night krimso, krimso jr., and I  headed to downtown Owego in search of something different to eat than the fast food available around the hotel. We stumbled upon “Las Chicas Taqueria”. It refers to itself as a California style taqueria, and while I still don’t know quite what that means, I do know it was jaw-droppingly awesome! If ever find yourself anywhere near Owego, NY, go immediately to 208 Front Street and get some good eats. They’re on facebook.

Now back to our scheduled program.

Saturday night I ran Super Mega Hyper Mecha Smackdown (Lite). SMHMS is an arena style game of transforming Mecha (giant, piloted robots for those without anime training). The game is based on Full Thrust with some relatively slight mods.

Mecha take on two forms: Battroid, which is human-like, and Gerwalk, which is halfway between Battroid and a jet-fighter. I’ve got an early revision up as a page you can reach from the link on the right, I’ll get a newer version of the rules up soon.

I plan on running this game every year at GZG with a perpetual trophy that names are added to. Tom “Killer” McCarthy was our first champion. Congrats Tom!

Well, I seem to have run on a bit, so I will wrap up with Part.3 in a few days.

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