Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vines - Part 1

Here is my first experiment with vines. 

Many, many years ago I bought this tower, which I believe was by Epicast. It is made in a rigid, foam resin. At the time, I only partially painted it. Recently I pulled it out of storage thinking I could use it with Warmachine and rather than finish painting, I decided it needed a completely new paint job. While I was generally happy to have the tower completed and happier with the improved paint job, it still seemed to lack a little something.

I hit on the idea to add some vines. I decided to try using ground foam turf. I mixed a variety of Woodland Scenics colors together and glued it to the side. While I think it improved the tower it was still a little “meh”. It looks more like moss rather than vines.

Now I had the bug and wanted to play more with vines. Coming in Part 2: The Bridge.

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