Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey Blue Moon! Show us your backsides!

I recently picked up several of the new 15mm SF buildings from Blue Moon Manufacturing and here are my thoughts:
One of the things that I think Brigade Models does right is they usual show their vehicles from several views and provide overall dimensions so you get a sense of size. I wish, oh I wish other manufacturers would do the same – especially for the SF and fantasy genres where there is no basis of knowing. Are you listening Blue Moon?
With that said, here is what Blue Moon has not told/show you about three of their SF buildings.
These buildings where each supplied in a heavy poly bad with a card attached at the top. The contrasts significantly from the Transylvania buildings I had purchased which came wrapped in newspaper in a corrugated cardboard box. I feel the Transylvania method of packaging better protected the parts, but as nothing was damaged, I really have nothing to complain about. I can see how the clear bag would help sales in a store or game show environment.

15SFI-200 Building #1. It’s actually supplied with four pieces: the building, the roof, and two white metal pieces.
The two castings appear to form a mast and a radio dish. There is a hole drilled in the top of the tower for fitting in the mast. No mention of these parts is in Blue Moon Manufacturing’s (can I just call them BMM now?) description nor in their picture.
The shot below let’s you see the side of the tower not shown in BMM’s pic
And here is the far side
The dimensions are 198mm long x 98mm deep at the base, 135mm deep including the tower. Height wise it is 97mm to the roof rim, and 122mm to the top of the tower (sans mast and dish).

15SFI-201 Building #2 is again in four pieces. Not shown in BMM’s photos is the smoke-stack thingy. Hard to see in the BMM photo is the console that is under the clear plastic dome.
Here are the front and back of the building. Note I have not pushed the smoke stack all the way home. It is a tight press fit and I have not prepped the parts yet. This building is 136mm x100mm (152 x 120 if you include the buttresses) and 92mm to the top of the dome.

Last of my purchases is 15SFI-202 Building #3. This comes in two parts.
It is a trapezoid shape so it’s hard to describe dimensions. It’s about 140mm across the back, 207mm across the front. The side with the roof tanks is 156mm (including that overhang( and 131mm on the other. To the roof edge is 50mm, 83mm to the tallest roof tank.

Hey wait! Where’s building 15SFI-203 Building #4? I bought these buildings based on the pictures, and frankly the single pic of Building #4 made it look boxy and uninteresting – certainly compared to the interesting, non-box look of the other three. I will take a peek at it at a show (or if someone else posts pictures) and consider purchasing then. As the most expensive building of the series, I wasn’t going to risk the money if it’s something I can whip up with foamcore.
So, what do I think?
These are obviously very nice buildings! BMM has gone to a lot of work to make things fit well. Bases have been sanded smooth as have roof pieces. I found a lot of dust from the machining process in the bag and on the parts.  You can see it on the felt in the above pictures as well as the plastic bubble.
These are very clean designs without excessive greebles, but still enough fine detail to keep things interesting. I think with a simple paintjob and some basic weathering these are going to look fantastic! Here is one of the details off of Building #3:

And here is building #3 with two figures by a door for comparison. One by Critical Mass (mounted on a British penny) and the other by GZG (mounted on a washer).

I hope BMM extends this line further, at least double it in size. Great job Blue Moon!


  1. Wow, these really are nice. I think I'll pick up buildings 2 and 3 at Cold Wars. Great review Martin, thanks for showing us the buildings bums.

  2. Very nice they remind me of the artwork from the old Terran Trade Authority books.

  3. Building three reminds me a lot of the concept art that was done for The Ghosts of Mars.

  4. First time that there is a picture from the back. Kinda scary

  5. I've always wanted to pick these up, just a little over the "impulse-buy" range... one of these days!